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Product Feature

Semi-metal, Low-metal, Ceramic formula and high performance copper free ceramic formula. Brake formulas cover many imported raw materials to guarantee products more safety,no noise,long life and echo-friendly up to the OE standard.

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Automatic precise facitlies for the production line from stamping to the final process guarantee high quality products and keep the production consistency better.

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Product Testing

QC Inspection focus on every details requested by the customers and all processes are managed by IATF16949:2016 quality control system.

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Warehousing Logistics

The product supply of Runze brake pads, brake shoes, brake pad steel backs and brake pad alarm lines is sufficient, and the product models cover more than 98% of the models. It has two transportation lines, land and sea, which can shorten the transpor

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Provide safety barrier for every braking

Latest News

The Best Brake Pads: Buyers Guide

I believe that most brands and manufacturers do not clearly indicate the replacement period of brake pads in the vehicle maintenance manual. After all, replacing the brake pads is not part of the daily maintenance of the vehicle. Compared with the oil...

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Change the brake oil and check the brake pads! Neg···

What is the main purpose of car maintenance? In fact, for our own safety, life is only once for us. About the maintenance of vehicles, the following four items of maintenance and inspection must not be missing....

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Do you need to change your brake pads? How to iden···

Yesterday, a friend asked, his brake pad maintenance master said to replace, where to change the best, with online shopping reliable?...

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