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Change the brake oil and check the brake pads! Neglected part of car maintenance!

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1、 Engine maintenance

The cleaning of engine carbon deposit can not be ignored. Most car owners will remember to clean the fuel injection nozzle and replace the spark plug, while cleaning the valve carbon deposit is just ignored. In addition to changing the engine oil and three filters, the oil that needs to be replaced is: brake oil, transmission oil, belt, spark plug. If necessary, clean the engine valve throttle and fuel injection nozzle.

2、 Check the air conditioner of the car

With a winter's air conditioning, there will be a lot of dust and bacteria attached to the filter or evaporation box, if not cleaned, it will not only affect the cool degree of cold air, reduce the air volume, but also harmful dust will harm our health.


3、 Change the brake oil and check the brake pads

Changing brake oil and checking brake pads can ensure the safety of vehicle braking system. The brake system is related to the most critical part of vehicle driving safety, and it is also necessary to add and replace brake oil on time. Because the brake oil itself has a very strong moisture absorption, after using for a period of time, its boiling point will decrease due to the introduction of water vapor around it. When the brake oil boils, the brake failure or failure will occur. In order to ensure the personal safety of car owners and passengers, it is necessary to change the brake oil regularly. Warm tips: do not use alcohol to clean the brake oil pipeline, but directly clean it with brake oil, add brand-new brake oil and drain the old oil; different types and brands of brake oil can not be mixed, and the specified brake oil should be added to the brake system with special requirements.

4、 Do a good job of wheel dynamic balance and check tire pressure

Especially in the case of mountain road, curve road, snow and other road conditions are quite complex, we must not ignore this maintenance. If it is in summer, too high temperature will cause the tire pressure to expand rapidly in case of heat, resulting in a tire burst. Let more air out of the tire to lower the tire pressure can greatly reduce the probability of tire burst. Therefore, in the process of maintenance, the parts with wear and damage degree exceeding the regulations should be repaired and replaced in time.



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