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Do you need to change your brake pads? How to identify brake replacement cycle and brake quality

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Yesterday, a friend asked, his brake pad maintenance master said to replace, where to change the best, with online shopping reliable?

I believe that many car owners are not very clear about the common sense of car maintenance. Today, I would like to share with you the problems of brake replacement and brake quality, and how to distinguish the brake pads of the original factory and the subsidiary factory, so as to avoid spending too much money.

After buying a new car, with the increase of mileage, the car needs to be maintained on time, so as to keep the best running state of the car and avoid traffic accidents. As wear and tear parts, the brake plays a very important role in driving. If the brake fails to stop, the brake makes abnormal noise, and the brake is delayed, it will cause certain safety risks. Therefore, as the owner, it is necessary to understand the common sense of automobile braking.

1、 Brake working principle

2、 The working principle of automobile brake is very simple. The brake pedal generates pressure to control the tension of the brake pad, so as to achieve friction with the brake disc to control the speed of the car.

At present, most cars are equipped with drum brake or disc brake. In fact, no matter which one is, their working principle is the same.

2、 How often are brake pads replaced

Some people say that the mileage of brake pad replacement depends on certain basis, but it is not accurate. The mileage is only used as a reference, and according to the driving habits of drivers, there is a very big relationship between driving environment and driving habits.

If, the new car's brake according to the original manufacturer's car use instructions, it is recommended to replace 100000 km, but you are in actual driving, often traffic jams, brake use frequently, you can not run 100000 km need to change, if you often run high speed, the brake frequency is not high, perhaps more than 100000 km do not need to be replaced. How do you see if the brakes need to be replaced?

1. Feel by controlling the brake pedal

Usually when we drive, we must have our own feeling about using the brake, which is what we often call "foot feeling", including the accelerator, so we are very sensitive to the use of the brake pedal. If the car is in the process of driving, at the same speed, it is necessary to step on the brake more deeply than usual, which is the problem of soft and hard brake. Or, if there is an obvious feeling that the brake can not be stopped, we should think about whether the brake needs to be replaced. Otherwise, it is easy to cause rear end collision.

2. Listen to the brake for abnormal noise

When the car is running at high speed, when we step on the brake, the brake disc will rub with the brake pad, but we can hardly hear the sharp abnormal noise when braking. Once there is abnormal noise, it means that the brake pad is worn very much, and the metal on the brake disc and the metal behind the brake pad produce sharp abnormal noise. At this time, you must check and replace the brake in time.

In addition, after a new brake pad is replaced, it will also produce a slight abnormal noise. However, after running in for a few days, the abnormal noise will disappear. If there is an abnormal noise all the time, it indicates that there is a quality problem with the brake pad.

3. Look at the thickness of the brake pads

The thickness of the new brake pad is 10 mm, while the thickness of the worn to the extreme is 3 mm. When it is less than 5 mm, the brake should be paid attention to in time, and it should be replaced in advance according to the actual road use.

4. Instrument panel fault indicator

Now many cars have warning systems, and the brake system is no exception. In the dashboard, there is a brake disc indicator light. When the light is always on, it indicates that the brake pads are seriously worn and need to be replaced in time.

The above is the standard for us to correctly identify whether the brake pads need to be replaced. If we measure the replacement brake time by mileage, it is not accurate.

3、 Are the brake pads purchased online reliable?

With the development of e-commerce, many people like to buy goods from the Internet, including auto parts. In fact, if we don't pay attention to the auto parts or online shopping malls, we will encounter the sub factory parts. In fact, it is the so-called high imitation. Although the appearance is the same, but the price is very different, some people will be attracted by the low price.

Don't underestimate a brake pad. Its manufacturing technology and materials are exquisite, which also determines the quality and price of brake pads. Brake pad materials are generally pided into resin matrix, powder metallurgy, carbon / carbon composite and ceramics, and ceramic brake pads are the most expensive among all brake pads.

As the so-called "one price for each product", if we only distinguish the price from the price, the same brake pad price is much lower, it must be accessory parts. In order to test, I purchased a set of brake pads from the Internet. After installation, the rear wheel brake often made abnormal noise. Later, the original parts were replaced directly, and the abnormal noise was completely eliminated. The reason is that the material of the brake pad is not good and the iron filings generated by friction with the brake disc make a sound.

If the price on the Internet is low and the brake pads make abnormal noises, it means that such brake pads are not reliable, and you need to be careful when purchasing.

Conclusion: as a common consumption part of automobile, car owners should understand its function and replacement cycle, and improve the driving safety coefficient, so as to get the maximum guarantee for travel. What else do you want to say about the common sense of braking?


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