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Brake pads

No noise,Low dust,High performance,friendly to Brake Discs

Semi-Metal Brake pads

[Semi-Metal brake pads are usually 30 to 60 percent metal with added organic or mineral components. It works well in situations that require heavy braking and they function in all weather conditions....

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Ceramic Brake pads

[New Generation Ceramic Brake Pads serve you high braking performance and strong braking experience. The unique silent ceramic technology can efficiently keep the noise problems less than 1 ‰, greatly improving the driving...

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Low-Metal Brake pads

[Low-Metal Brake Pads are guaranteed with shorter stopping distances as they offer high pedal feel with optimum stopping power under standard driving conditions.It uses non-asbestos formulas, the products are positive molded. Shimmed to ensure squeal-free braking....

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Copper Free Ceramic Brake pads

[Copper-free ceramic brake pads provide excellent braking performance with low noise, durability, and produce little tire dust. While providing safety for car owners, it can also reduce the impact on the environment....

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